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มารู้จักกับ "Kris Evans" เจ้าของ 17.5 แห่ง Bel Ami!!

กระดานสนทนาแบบมีรูปภาพประกอบ โพสท์โดย spectrefog
Kris Evans, originally from Hungary, is becoming a kind of a ‘face of BelAmi’, one of the best european gay porn studios, as his popularity increases. He made a long way in his gay porn model career from the time he joined Bel Ami: got a new haircut, trained his body and now behaves much easy in front of a camera. Kris appeared at Bel Ami office in Hungary when he was 18 years old and at that time he was very boyish. Eventually we have seen three different looks of his: his first pictures, then when he was with short haircut and sideboards (see Kris Evans first suck video) and his current muscle men look. You will not believe but at first Kris was not going to “loose his virginity to a boy on camera” but then he had worked out his virginity issues. George says, “He is one of the very few who has it all: intelligent and ambitious, good looks, beautiful dick, great cumshots, a great kisser, wonderful body. It was obvious from day one it would work out”. Kris loves assplay, so even he
Credit: www.belamionline.com
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โพสท์โดย: spectrefog , 4Y
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